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06 Mar 2012




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Review by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 06 Mar 2012

To prevent unauthorized access to your files, the best idea is to encrypt and password protect them. You can do that with the Cypherix-developed encryption software Cryptainer LE. This application creates a virtual drive where you can store the files you want to remain private; the files you store on the drive are automatically encrypted. On top of that, you can create self-extracting encrypted archives; send them to someone and the files will automatically be decrypted when the correct password is provided.

The Cryptainer LE installation file is of 7.2MB, so it will take little time for the download to complete. The installation process is very simple and takes little time to complete as well. The encryption software can be installed on top of any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows edition.

When you launch Cryptainer for the first time, it will ask to create a special disk volume; you can choose the name for the Cryptainer volume, volume label, size of the volume (100MB maximum), password to protect the volume, and the algorithm to protect the volume. Once the volume is created and loaded on a new drive, all the files you save or copy to the drive are automatically encrypted.

Using Cryptainer LE is a straightforward matter made even easier by the fact that the interface is user friendly and easy to figure out. Just store files on the Cryptainer volume and those files will be encrypted. If you want to send out files via email to someone, you can easily encrypt them with Cryptainer LE. You can also create a self-extracting, encrypted and password-protected archive and send it out to someone. When the correct password is typed in, the archive will be decrypted automatically.

There are several versions of Cryptainer. Cryptainer LE is the lightweight, free version. There are several other paid versions: ME, PE, 9.2 and SE. From Help -> Upgrade you can view a comparison of these editions and how much they cost.

Cryptainer LE is great for protecting your privacy and for protecting against unauthorized access. The files you store on the Cryptainer volume are automatically encrypted.


Works with any 32 and 64-bit Windows editions; simple installation process. Easy to figure out interface. Creates a special volume and all the files you store on it are encrypted. Create self-extracting, encrypted and password-protected archives to send to others. Cryptainer LE is free.


Cryptainer LE is the least powerful encryption software in the Cryptainer lineup. There are several other versions that have extra functionality to offer.

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